Important. You must read and carry out the information contained within these four headings:
Pre Appointment, The Appointment, FAQ'S and Info before booking in. Thank You.


48 - 24hrs before your appointment you will need to:

  • Complete and return the screening form

  • Complete and return consultation form.

​These documents are available to download from this website. Scroll down this page.


  • Catriona will greet you at the front door.

  • Your temperature will be taken. 

  • Now inside, you'll make your way back to the treatment room where you'll be left to get ready for the session.

  • A box will be supplied for all of your clothes and belongings.

  • Following treatment you will receive your Tote Bag along with the towel that was used, which is yours to keep and bring to all future appointments.

  • In short: Arrive - Receive Treatment - Depart.
    Catriona has condensed everything to ensure appropriate protocol and to allow time between appointments. 


  • Payment options are given at time of booking. Please choose from Bank Transfer or Card Payment.

  • Please be aware that time is taken between each client to ensure adequate cleaning.

  • Your 1 hour treatment is the full 1 hour. 40 minutes, full 40 minutes.

  • Catriona asks that you arrive, receive treatment and exit in a timley manner. In doing so, you are contributing greatly towards the running of her service.


  • All appointments will be conducted face down on the table, as per guidelines.

  • Beyond your first "re-opening appointment" it will become your responsibility to bring the towel you receive to future appointments. Otherwise a charge of £10 will be applied.

  • Should you need to cancel your appointment due to covid-19 symptoms, there will be no missed appointment invoice. 

  • All doors will be open and closed on your behalf and provided with hand sanitiser. 

  • Toilet facilities will not be in use.



In Work. In Sport. In Life.

Welcome to Treat and Compete, Clinical Massage and Wellness Studio. Situated at 158 Queen's Drive, working as an independent, Catriona runs a service that provides solutions towards the pain and discomfort you experience as a result of work, sport or life. Depending on your needs, Catriona will personalise a treatment plan that's designed to deliver optimal outcomes and equip you with a better understanding on how to manage your situation. Take a look at her services below and upon booking in, Catriona looks forward to working with you and achieving positive treatment outcomes.



Please download, complete and return to 48hrs - 24hrs prior to your appointment.


Only valid when completed 48hrs prior to your appointment.


Please Complete and send back with screening form.


Please complete and send  back with screening form, second visit onward.



Working as an independent practitioner, Catriona was motivated to establish a service which caters to members of the public who participate and gain enjoyment from Work, Sports & Life. The ethos of her practice centres around a listening ear, good communication and a treatment plan specific to you. 

From February 2018 Catriona was able to establish her service from 158 Queen's Drive. Her studio provides a space which offers tranquility, aims to inspire and lends itself to delivering a great service. 

During her 10 year career, Catriona has helped professional athletes, semi-professional athletes, active individuals, general public, those faced with a disability, career professionals, the elderly and retired men and woman.  



158 Queen's Dr, Glasgow G42 8QN, UK

07923 383879

158 Queen's Dr, Glasgow G42 8QN, UK

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