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Often we can book in to appointments and not really know what to fully expect so I have laid out a typical example, below.

Session One

The consultation is highly valuable to the practitioner to not only keep you safe but to hear subjectively the issues you have been faced with, with regards to musculoskeletal pain, discomfort or injury. Following this I assess & record your movement actively and passively followed by beginning the manual therapy part of the session.

To finish we will go over appropriate rehab or mobility exercises you should be doing to progress from here. I will explain how your treatment plan should address the acute or chronic pain you are experiencing, what a followup session could look like and - as best as I can - how many sessions it should take to resolve. 

Session two

The session you book either, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 75 minutes will continue working from your treatment plan. 

Personal Training

Upon receiving your email, I will arrange a time for us to have a free consultation to discuss what you're looking to achieve from 8 or 12 sessions ( if not more)  and any medical history so considerations can be put in place for our sessions. Following our chat you will fall under one of three training styles. Training for Weightloss, Building muscle or Endurance. My approach is measured and multi faceted taking into consideration mindset, menstruation cycles, neurodivergance, gender and mental health. 

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