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Cat is amazing. I'm a masters marathon runner and pick up calf, achiles and hammy strains from time to time. Every time I see Cat I'm back out running in days. I highly recommend her!


Catriona has worked miracles on my knee. I now have no pain sitting, sleeping, walking, swimming. My leg no longer sticks out an an angle and almost matches the other one. If you are told you need a steroid injection or a knee replacement, I would strongly recommend going to get advice/treatment from Catriona before you commit. I’m aiming for a mini trek in the Himalayas in 2023 - unthinkable a year ago!


I would thoroughly recommend Treat & Compete. Catriona is extremely welcoming, professional, and puts you at ease from the very first session. She quickly diagnosed the potential causes of various issues I was experiencing, explained these and her treatment approach. Three visits so far, and after each time I've experienced a noticeable immediate improvement with both my shoulder and lower back pain.


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