Covid-19 and what to expect at your appointment during the course of the pandemic.


  • ​Face mask on!

  • Arrive with as little as possible.

  • Do not buzz for entry - Catriona will be expecting you and let you inside opening and closing all doors.

  • Catriona will now take your temperature with her hand held device.


  • You will be escorted back towards treatment room.

  • Remove shoes before entering the room.

  • Place all belongings into box supplied.

  • After this payment will be taken, using card reader (if you have opted for this method of payment)

  • Then your hands will be sanitised. 


  • Catriona will communicate the treatment plan she has put together for you. Your treatment plan will be based on the information you have supplied in the consultation form and consent you gave.

  • Catriona will then exit the room so you can get undressed and comfortable on the table. 


  • Catriona will exit the treatment room so that you can get organised.

  • Please put your (new) towel into the tote bag provided and take with you.

  • Bring this towel to all future appointments.

  • As per guidelines, please exit the appointment in a timely manner. 


  • Payment options are card or bank transfer.

  • You will receive a treatment towel and tote bag at your first appointment.

  • This is your treatment towel for all future appointments. 

  • Unfortunately a charge of £10 will be applied for a fresh towel should you forget. 

  • Time is taken between each client to ensure adequate cleaning.

  • Your 1 hour treatment is the full 1 hour. 40 minutes, full 40 minutes.

  • Should you need to cancel your appointment due to covid-19 symptoms, there will be no missed appointment invoice. 

  • Toilet facilities will not be in use.


158 Queen's Dr, Glasgow G42 8QN, UK

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